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Intranet Management Systems

Quality Consulting Group (QCG) has developed a user-friendly intranet web based Management System to effectively manage your organisation documentation. The system allows the user to, easily access the latest documentation such as: (quality manual, policies, procedures, processes, forms, regulatory and statutory requirement, training modules, so forth).

The Management System (with Induction System) effectively replaces the QMS, EMS and OHS Manuals that generally, is used for auditing purposes or just tucked away collecting dust. It is ideal for organisations that require the Quality, OH&S Manager, OHS Committee, Supervisor, Manager, Office staff, etc. to manage the requirements of the business. At a click of a button, staff can access all relevant documentation in relation to the issues that need addressing. (i.e. Injury Reporting/Near Misses, corrective actions, etc)

The intranet system has revolutionised the way many businesses are delivering and managing their Management Systems such as: (Occupational Health & Safety, Quality Management System or Environment Management System). The purchase of the Management Systems will ensure quick, easy and cost-effective compliance to both internal and external Standards & Legislation.

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